Why do people say size don't matter?
2015-03-29 13:39:07 UTC
Then why the weight classes ? Can a 7 year old martial art fighter best a grown *** man that weighs like 250 ? Manny PACman vs mike Tyson ??? Jose Aldo vs Cain ? Size does matter . I meen a smaller guy could overcome a bigger guy is some cases maybe the guy issent trained ect .. But come one lets not bs size advantage can in SOME cases ( notice I did not say all ) can be overwhelming ... Ah won't people admit this ?
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2016-03-09 05:29:44 UTC
That's real talk right there! Looks definitely matter. Ultimately your financial situation and personality will determine how long your relationship last but looks are what differentiate who is dateable and who's not, because you're not going to date someone you don't find attractive are you? People need to stop living that little bubble they call an ideal world because that's not how it works out here. Even people that aren't 'shallow' take physical attraction into account. Everyone does, it's not just 'some' people, EVERYONE does. Good point you brought up. The better looking you are the more likely get a job (it's very true when it comes to job interviews). I noticed that in my local mall, all (not some, every last one of them) the shop stalls have women that are pretty attractive.
2015-03-31 08:10:21 UTC
Well there are several advantages and disadvantages that bigger people have in Martial arts:

First of all it's more difficult to perform throws on them, along with that it's harder to apply pressure points and grappling moves on them. I'll go into the pressure point part further. Of course if you apply pressure points properly it doesn't matter how big the person is, it will affect everyone in the same way. But when someone is bigger it can be harder to apply these moves, if the person is obese it can be much harder to land a strike on the solar plexus in comparison to someone who is more lean or skinny. If you have a bigger person fighting a smaller person the big person is going to have a much easier time throwing the other person. I'm not saying that there aren't disadvantages for a big person when they are fighting against someone small, of course there are. The smaller person will most likely be faster and harder to hit and will have an easier time finding an opening to go on the offensive.

Another thing to keep in mind is the weight differences. A bigger person can inflict a lot of damage if they were to say fall on their opponent or in some way put all there weight on the tiny attacker. The bigger person will have a lot more power behind their punch too when the two are exchanging strikes. This can be both an asset and a weakness to the bigger person because at the same time more pain will be inflicted on themselves if they were to fall on the floor and they are more likely to injure themselves than if the smaller person were to fall. That's why a lot of the time smaller martial artists will try to take out the knees or the legs of the bigger person in order to get them to fall on the floor. Weight is also an asset for the person when it comes to ground grappling or wrestling. They have the ability to smother their opponents and cause damage in that way.

As you can see there are many equalities and inequalities between bigger and smaller fighters. The better fighter will be the one that knows how to handle a wider variety of situations and is used to fighting people of different shapes and sizes. This is why people say "size don't matter", because there are so many inequalities and disadvantages between the two that it really all depends on one's ability to take advantage of the situation. To know how to protect their weaknesses and make use of their assets.

Hope I answered the question c:
2015-03-30 09:27:42 UTC
Size becomes less of a factor when you have a couple of other things entering into it. One is if a person is formally trained and has some skill, ability, and experience and the other person does not. I have had to deal with bigger, stronger guys before and if they don't have any skill and are not aware of or wary of mine then that has given me an edge. This is especially true when coupled with the element of surprise also and so that is why sometimes women are successful for instance in defending themselves like they sometimes are.

This all changes though in something like structured, organized fighting where you have two similarly skilled individuals along with a set of rules and a referee in place and rest periods and a next round maybe. Then a heavier, taller, stronger opponent will use his reach, weight, and strength difference in various ways to his advantage and so the smaller opponent is at a disadvantage when it comes to those things. Then size does matter and so on the one hand it does not so much while on the other hand it does.
2015-03-31 02:32:58 UTC
size doesn't matter IF the one you are fighting is inexperienced. Let's say you are an experienced martial artist who is about to get mauled by someone way bigger than you, but doesn't know a thing or 2 about efficient fighting. Chances are, you will score a victory not by brute strength, but by technique. But in the case of equally experienced fighters, size does matter a lot given that fighting experience is being matched by physical strength.
2015-03-30 20:31:05 UTC
Because size does not determine the outcome of the fight. It does not guarantee a victor.

An immature child against an adult the odd favor the adult.

However take a skill, trained martial artist against a much bigger person I'd say the odds favor the skilled individual/ The skill/technique will negate the the so-called size advantage

Superior technique has the advantage of size and strength.

There are weight classes in sports. Even in weight classes the superior skill wins. This is why Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, Roy Jones, Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas the Hitman Hearns, Michael Spinks, and others have been able to move into different weight classes and still win.
2015-03-29 19:39:20 UTC
Because primarily it is training and technique that matter. Size comes into play more when you have two individuals with the same training background and experience. My father's saying was " A well trained big man has advantage over a well trained little man." That is not to say that the smaller person can not defeat a larger, trained fighter, merely that under certain circumstances there is an advantage.

I think a better way to sum up the "size doesn't matter" issue would be this... Any person can be beaten in a fight by any other person under the right circumstances. I get that a child is far less likely to defeat an adult, but a child who knows where to strike with the pencil in his pocket can defeat any adult in the right moment.
2015-03-30 06:35:23 UTC
Weight classes are used to make fighting more fair.

If size trumps everything, then heavy people need not train. True?

I agree size can be an asset, but it is one part of many things that determine the outcome of a fight. Other noteworthy things to consider would be weight, height, experience, speed, strength, technique, mental state, body condition, and sometimes even luck.

In the martial arts world, however, the opponent's most prominent features is used against them.
2015-03-30 11:25:18 UTC
Size is important for bouncers, (some) bodyguards, football players (linemen), and powerlifters, but size alone doesn't win fights. In fact, when a skilled smaller fighter takes on a larger unskilled opponent, then the longer the fight goes, the more it favors the smaller man with skill. Big, strong men tire more quickly because muscle uses more oxygen than lean body mass.

I would bet $1,000 that Royce Gracie could still beat Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson in a fight. Gracie is 6'1", 175 lbs. and 48 years old, compared to Dwayne Johnson who is 6'5" and a ripped 265 lbs. and almost 43 years old.
2015-03-30 17:33:45 UTC
It does, but it can't get you very far on it's own. Skill and speed are more important. I've seen huge people get taken down by individuals half their size because they were fast.
2015-03-29 22:28:42 UTC
LOL jeez a lot of my fellow martial artist are delusional. I have spent half my life studying. I have proven myself as both a boxer and judoka but no way in hell my 190 lb asz wishes to get in a fight with say The Rock. i COULD win, but odds are heavily against me with that much of an ogre and he isn't fat either like the examples people like to give. There are weight classes for a reason. Hell yeah size matters! It means I will need to pick up whatever I can find and hit as effectively as possible. Someone that can't fight at all I think I will be alright but if they are remotely competent and are huge i've got a serious problem on my hands.

OMG lets pick a fat slob that can't fight and can barely move as our example! 2 can play at this crap. Here is a much better example of why size matters.
2015-03-30 01:11:52 UTC
It only matters when people like you don't know what they are doing.
2015-03-30 14:26:52 UTC
A 7 year old is a child, not an adult. You've already illustrated your delusion by making that pathetic example.
2015-03-29 16:16:37 UTC
Size doesn't matter, Unless you don't know what you are doing. Martial arts are designed for smaller people to defeat bigger people.

Gracie vs Grand Champion Wrestler
2015-03-29 14:17:00 UTC
UFC 3 Keith hackney (180lbs) vs Emanuel Yarborough (600lbs) Emanuel lost by knock out

Emanuel Yarborough 600lbs vs Daiju Takase 169lbs Emanuel lose

There are a number of fights when they had no weight classes and the heavier person lost. Weight classes were added by sport, early ufc fights had non.

Why wont you admin you live in a fantasy world, Now grow up and stop your whining


Denny 50 seconds in there not in the same weight class either, Whats your excuse for this?


Martial arts has no weight classes

Sports have weight classes that were set up by the regulating committees
2015-03-29 14:16:08 UTC
Okay, size does matter in professional sports.
Denny Pill
2015-03-29 15:59:43 UTC
They dont know what they're talking about size does matter

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